what Makes Century different for other locksmith
We are Licensed and Insured , with a combined experience of 27 years , we have the most advanced equipment to do the job swiftly and efficiently . and we are the cheapest locksmith in Florida
do you work on Volvo keys
Yes with restrictions on certain tasks
do you program Keys for Mercedes Keys and fob
Yes we do with some restrictions
do you replace keys for industrial equipment's
Yes we do, however; some tractors and motorcycle manufacturers require original OEM keys to be cut to the equipment so it will depend on the make and model
what is the cost of a car Lockout
During business Hours Century Locksmith understand the situation and try to be the cheapest locksmith services provider so it typically for a simple lockout our charge is $60-$80 dollars .
Does Century Locksmith install lock hardware
Yes we do repair and install lock hardware
does Century Locksmith do building Lockouts
Yes Century does commercial and residential lockouts
Does Century Locksmith program car Keys
Yes our Mobile locksmith vehicles ae equipped with all needed equipment to program keys and fobs on location
How Long Does It Take for a Tech to show up for a lock.
our Techs are always in an assigned area , if your location is within their assigned area ,and not currently serving another customer it would take approximately 30 minutes to get to you
Does Century Locksmith Provide Estimates?
Estimates Are Provided For Free